“SoundDoppler” a program of Lodewijk Baars PA3BNX, simulates doppler hardware

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The pseudo-doppler technique is a phase based DF method that produces a bearing estimate on the received signal by measuring the doppler shift induced on the signal by sampling around the elements of a circular array. The original method used a single antenna that physically moved in a circle but the modern approach uses a multi-antenna circular array with each antenna sampled in succession.








VHF/UHF DSP Direction Finder connected to the soundcard of the PC.





















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HF direction finding


Sound-Doppler can be used for Mobile Foxhunt too.


Replaces the traditional doppler-decode-equipment by the soundcard. This program can also be used stand alone on stationairy doppler monitoring. You need a stereo-line-input on the soundcard. It requiers a sinus reference signal locked on the doppler-switcher. on the left-channel and demodulated FM-Rx-audio on the right-channel. It assume that the reference signal is between 300-2300 Hz.



Arduino shield


Arduino Doppler Shield2



SoundDoppler and MyMapping (PCB’s and installation instructions are included in the .zip file)

Maps of The Netherlands (MyMapping)